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First, my book.

This crowning and somewhat agonizing achievement, was published by Skyhorse Press in 2014. Since then, it's remained #408 on Amazon's Scuba Diving booklist (it has nothing to do with scuba diving—or horses, for that matter). Anyway, I guess this—and my many blogs—summarizes my 46 years as a writer, and I hope you'll remember when you want something good (and funny) to read. Check out

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I was an advertising guy for more years than I'd care to admit. I did a lousy impression of Don Draper (an even worse one of Melvyn Douglas). Throughout my career, I wrote short stories (26 in Rosebud Magazine), many blogs, newspaper articles and, of course, my novel "You Can Lead a Horse to Water (But You Can't Make It Scuba Dive)" 


"It's hard to read this without breaking out in laughter."  John Carpenter

      Wall, Watchtower and Pencil Stub

"A romp worthy of Confederacy of Dunces." Steve Anderson

                 The Preserve

"Well-developed, crazy, unpredictable characters."  John Babb

                      Orphan Hero

"...a picaro's tale with dialogue miscues straight out of Catch-22..."  Ben A. East


"Cormack drapes his unusual cast of characters in hysterical scenarios, but we learn about ourselves and our lives." 

                                                Mike Jenne

                             Darker Blue Than Black

"An insider look, a comedic voice, an engaging narrator."  Sharman R. Russell

                     Knocking on Heaven's Door

"Terrific read with a John Irving style of crazy characters."  Chris Angus


"Robert Cormack is a Canadian writer who tells extraordinary tales about ordinary people."  Roderick Clark

                                 Rosebud Magazine

"If you like Donald Westlake or Carl Hiassen, you'll love Robert Cormack."

                                                  S. Elkins

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If you aren't familiar with The Kinkster, nothing says Texas like Kinky's broad and beatific anecdotes of The Lone Star state. This is a book of humorous tales, folks, and nobody captures the many cowboys, hucksters, musicians and other outrageous personalities with such a sense of quaint yet hilarious anecdotes, all in a style that matches the state to a tee. Kinky Friedman is a world-class charmer and a helluva writer to boot!

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